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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic teeth are among the most attractive subjects for our patients today. Aesthetic applications in dentistry include teeth whitening, gingival aesthetics, composite lamina applications, zirconium crown and e max crown and ceramic lamina applications. Apart from this, dental jewelery is now taking its place in aesthetic applications. In our clinic, our specialist physicians bring all these applications together with our patients as soon as possible. Today, with the help of technology, e max crown applications give faster and more aesthetic results than zirconium crowns. With the help of digital systems, e max crowns are applied to patients very quickly.

Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry


Why Aesthetic Dentistry?

At Dentiora, we believe that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile; We believe that a beautiful smile is one of the most valuable assets of a person. That’s why we don’t just treat your teeth; We do everything you need to have a beautiful and attractive smile at the end of the treatment. We believe that a beautiful smile heals the soul.

At Dentiora, you can easily find the most suitable treatment method among our various treatment methods. From dental restorations to teeth whitening; A wide variety of aesthetic dentistry treatments are applied, from Dentiora Smile Design to improving the characteristics of your smile and face.


Treatments We Apply in Aesthetic Dentistry

At Dentiora, we are proud to serve you in the field of aesthetic dentistry, with the most advanced technology materials and with our dentists, each of whom is an expert in their own field. Whatever your problem with your teeth, our dentists will find the best solution to your problem. We care about your satisfaction.

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