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Anti-Snoring Prosthesis

Anti-Snoring Prosthesis

Unfortunately, patients who have lost their vertical dimension with clenching, apply to our clinic with the complaint of snoring. While snoring and sleep apnea make our patients more tired in their daily lives, they negatively affect both their own and social lives at night. Patients suffer from this disease, which has a very simple treatment. In our clinic, an appliance is prepared for patients with snoring or low and moderate apnea disorders to wear at night in a suitable position by taking measurements from the lower and upper jaws, and delivered to them within a few days.

The patients who are followed up can breathe more easily at night, their apnea rates decrease, and most importantly, the problems in their social life are reduced, and even patients with excess weight can lose weight. The patient must use the snoring appliance for two years.

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