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Botox and Filling Applications

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Botox and Filling Applications

Botox and Filling Applications

Today, with the increase in aesthetic expectations of patients, botox applications have found their place in dentistry. Botox, which serves aesthetic purposes such as a gummy smile and elimination of lip lines, is mainly used for therapeutic purposes in order to relieve the pain of the aching muscles of the patients due to bruxism (teeth clenching problem) and to give the relevant muscle some rest. What should be considered in Botox applications is the nature of the botox drug, its storage conditions and its application in competent hands. In our clinic, these conditions are met without exception. Unfortunately, the majority of patients who apply to our clinic are faced with the problem of clenching and they do not know how to solve the problems caused by this. In our clinic, following the botox applications, plates suitable for this subject are also made for our patients.

Apart from these, our patients who have completed their dental aesthetics sometimes have aging-related filling needs in and around their lips. These deficiencies in the lip and nasolabial region can also be corrected with fillings.

Botox and Filling Applications


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