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Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatment )

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Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatment )

Endodontics ( Root Canal Treatment )

Endodontics, more commonly known by patients as root canal treatment, is the filling treatment applied to the root to ensure that the teeth that cannot be cured by filling treatment or that are inflamed can function properly in the mouth.

The patient may apply to the clinic with very severe pain, pain when pressing on the tooth, or a very large caries, or even lesions at the root tips can be seen in routine controls.

In such cases, the physician decides to perform root canal treatment by taking the necessary radiographs from the patients.

After all the caries of the anesthetized tooth are cleaned, the root canals are also cleaned of nerves and residual tissues. Afterwards, the root canals are washed with various solutions, filled with suitable filling materials, and the process is completed.

There may be minimal sensitivities after the procedure, and in such cases, the physician may prescribe the drugs he deems necessary to the patient.

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