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Health Tourism stands out as the developing aspect of tourism, which, unlike traditional tourism methods, aims to spread tourism periods to 12 months and provides added value to the country in many areas.

Due to the increase in the world population, the increase in the quality of life, and the increase in health costs in various countries, countries that make the treatments more quality and economical have emerged and caused the formation of the health tourism sector.

Health tourism, which is divided into sections within itself, means that people benefit from health, rehabilitation and good life services in order to meet their health-related needs in another country other than the country they live in.

Turkey has managed to be among the top ten most preferred countries in the world in the field of health tourism.

Reasons to prefer Turkey in Health Tourism:

  • Having an international airline such as THY, which provides access to the most flight destinations in the world.
  • The fact that health institutions in Turkey serve with the latest technological infrastructure.
  • Well-trained and specialized personnel working in Health Institutions
  • Our country’s suitable climate, being the center of historical and touristic civilizations.


Dental Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is quite advantageous compared to many countries in terms of dental tourism. Although the health services applied in Turkey are of the same quality as the health services applied in Europe, it provides the opportunity to receive treatment at a cheaper cost. Apart from this, Turkey is also an ideal and attractive country to have a holiday while being treated.

The devices used in aesthetic dentistry treatments in Turkey are of the same quality as the medical devices used in European countries. Internationally accepted, CE or FDA approved medical devices are used in Turkey. 

The most requested services in Dental Tourism

  • Aesthetic Dental Filling Operations
  • Teeth Bleaching Procedures
  • Implant
  • Orthodontics
  • Aesthetic Smile Design Operations
  • Dental Prostheses


The number of patients coming to our country for dental treatments, especially from European countries, has increased greatly in recent years. The most important factor for this is patient satisfaction. Among the provinces preferred by foreign patients, Bodrum is; Due to its climatic conditions, natural beauties, historical and cultural heritage, it allows the tourist to both perform their treatment as a health tourist and realize their holiday experience.


We are breaking new ground in Health Tourism in Bodrum.

We tried to show the life energy of Zen Architecture and the passion for nature in the treatment processes and space relationship of our patients, by breaking new ground in our Bodrum Dentiora Dental Polyclinic, where we set out with the philosophy of “Be natural with your smile”. We offer all our patients a special health and happiness experience with the calm interior and friendly staff of our clinic.

Dentiora Dental Polyclinic is a health institution accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health with a Health Tourism authorization certificate. (Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Services)

What Are Our Dental Tourism Procedures at Dentiora Dental Polyclinic?

We offer free preliminary diagnosis to our foreign guests who want to visit our polyclinic for dental treatment within the scope of health tourism, which we set out with the understanding of “The Right Address for Healthy Teeth and Happy Smiles”.

We ensure that our patients abroad who want to receive dental treatment can benefit from our free pre-diagnosis service if they send us their Panoramic X-Ray dental films via WhatsApp Application (+90 531 450 41 79).

 Our physicians, who examine your sent X-Ray film, make the most accurate and fastest treatment planning for you, ensuring that you receive your treatments without interrupting your holiday experience.


We will determine the most appropriate treatment stages for you by determining a dental travel plan, in line with the cost of treatment, treatment time planning to be sent to you by our international patient coordinator, or depending on your request for flight ticket accommodation and transfer services.

With the treatment planning approved by you, all preparations will be made to turn your dental journey into a hassle-free experience.

4 or 5 Star Hotel Reservation, Apartment Reservation, Transfer Service or Car Rental in Bodrum. If you are looking for accommodation, our international patient coordinator will be happy to assist you. Please leave a message on our WhatsApp (+90 531 450 41 79).


  • Services we offer to our foreign patients:
  • Transportation and Accommodation
  • Treatment Plan
  • Payment Plan
  • All oral and dental health treatments
  • Post-treatment check-ups and follow-up


Our Dental Tourism Procedures

  • Contact: Share your treatment request and contact information with us using the form below.
  • Planning: Let’s plan your treatment and vacation process with the information you have given.
  • Treatment Process
  • Control Process: After your treatment process is over, let’s make your final control before you go and review the whole process to complete your treatment.
  • With an agency authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health that will plan your holiday experience in the most accurate way, let’s turn your needs such as flight tickets, transfers, accommodation, city guides, translators into a unique experience in the form of a Dental Holiday Package.

You can send us your questions, suggestions and opinions via the form below.