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Teeth Whitening Bodrum

Teeth Whitening Bodrum

With teeth whitening in Bodrum, for many reasons, it is now possible to make the blackened teeth whiter and brighter with a simple procedure. Tooth whitening is a process of using tooth whitening gel to dissolve colored organic and inorganic substances formed in the porous structure of tooth enamel to open up some color shades that change due to various reasons or the process of customizing teeth.

What is Teeth Whitening in Bodrum?

There are two different methods of whitening teeth. Sometimes only one can be applied, and in some cases both can be applied. In the teeth whitening Turkey, two methods can be carried out at the same time. You can apply the home bleaching method at home by yourself. A smooth, transparent thin plate is prepared on the teeth in a buccal size.

The gel medicine in the form of a syringe injected by the doctor is squeezed into the plate, inserted into the mouth and applied by the person himself. Apply dental plaque for 2-4 hours a day, generally within 1 week you can achieve sufficient whitening of the tooth tissue. By extending and shortening this time, the amount of whitening can be adjusted. The office whitening method is most suitable for people who want to perform tooth whitening procedure in a short time, and the effect is better. Difficulties and annoying debris on the teeth may require one or more treatments with this method.

Teeth Whitening Bodrum
Teeth Whitening Bodrum

Why is teeth whitening performed?

For various reasons, the whiteness of teeth will disappear over time. In this problem, you can observe the regular maintenance and brushing of the teeth. Sometimes you may encounter this problem even if you brush your teeth frequently.

Some antibiotics, including cigarettes, coffee, acidic beverages and similar foods and beverages, and even the fluoride content in water, can cause tooth discoloration during childhood, during tooth formation, childhood or in the uterus. This color change of teeth is divided into two types: Internal staining: Teeth Whitening Bodrum It is usually a genetic or processed stain in the teeth that cannot be removed by brushing.

Structural defects that occur during tooth formation are also evaluated in this category. In these cases, whitening treatment is very successful. External staining: Some foods, such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, and acidic beverages, can stick to the surface of teeth. In short, we can call it a problem caused by user error. After cleaning the calculus, you can remove these stains.

How is teeth whitening performed?

The teeth may not always be as white as expected. Regular brushing is necessary to achieve the desired whiteness of the teeth, but sometimes the teeth may have a congenital yellow color. When the tooth structure is not white, dentists can use their medicine to make the teeth whiter. Teeth whitening in Bodrum can be applied as follows; whitening by your dentist in the office-biological whitening-the process can be completed in about an hour. After completing this whitening procedure, your teeth can get 4-6 tons of natural color.

In some cases, home whitening can be applied. The amount of whitening may be different for each tooth structure. For example, in people with very light teeth, the sunrise can be between 1 and 2 tons, and not all teeth can be whitened. On teeth with a very high proportion of transparent gray areas, Teeth Whitening Bodrum whitening cannot achieve the effect of 4-6 tons. You can get information about the application of teeth whitening effects, your expectations and your expectations from your dentist. There are different ways to whiten teeth.

The first is professional teeth whitening with the help of a dentist, and the other is a home whitening system, which is applied at home according to the dentist’s recommendation.

Teeth Whitening Bodrum
Teeth Whitening Bodrum

Teeth Whitening Bodrum Prices

Before teeth whitening, the person is examined by a specialist and decides whether the teeth are suitable for the procedure. Teeth whitening is not recommended for young people before 15 years of age. In addition, tooth whitening is only effective for organic tooth tissue. The Teeth Whitening in Bodrum depends on the type of office or home and the brand of active ingredients. Teeth Whitening Bodrum Expert dentists provide information on the prices for teeth whitening after a free examination. You can get detailed information about the cost of treatment through free inspections.

Why Teeth Whitening Bodrum?

Teeth whitening is a medical indication and a cosmetic method for whitening teeth. Laser is the product of modern technology in Turkish medical field because it provides a very different result of teeth whitening treatment, which is an important medical tool. With whitening in Turkey, you can make your teeth look whiter.

If you follow the advice of your dentist, laser tooth whitening can keep your teeth white for a long time. Everything we eat and drink in our daily lives affects our teeth and mouth. Bacteria multiply, reduce and affect the color of teeth. Therefore, oral and dental health is very important. When choosing the right whitening product for the right patient, tooth whitening treatment is harmless. Compared with other restoration methods, teeth whitening in Turkey is cheaper and more practical.

Teeth Whitening Bodrum

Is Teeth Whitening in Bodrum Safe?

It is %100 safe! According to research, controlled tooth whitening performed by professional dentists is very effective and safe. The teeth can change color by up to 6 tons. It has no harmful effects on teeth and gums. Sometimes the teeth may be slightly sensitive to cold or heat, but this condition can be completely corrected by intermittent treatment or suspension of treatment.

With teeth whitening in Turkey, you can have a bite of brighter teeth. Some people may be sensitive to heat and cold after whitening treatment. Products that are sold on the market without supervision and may contain substances harmful to teeth should not be used. Uncontrolled use of tooth whitening products can cause structural defects in the teeth and gums.

Keep away from cigarettes, tea and acidic beverages within 1 week after whitening treatment to prevent teeth from returning to their original state. If these are taken into account, the whitening process will provide 2-3 years of durability.

Teeth Whitening Bodrum